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Accipiter is a real-time data collection system. The main purpose behind this system is to allow scientists to gather data from a variety of sources and perform analysis on said data.

This project is still in pre-alpha.

Description of project:

This project aims to create a client/server application for the purpose of data manipulation. The client half of the application will collect data from a variety of modules and transmit data collected to a server. The server will store the data it receives and then conduct analysis on said data for the purpose of reporting or reacting. This application aims to become a useful tool to the scientific community.

Immediate Goals:
  • Create a client capable of collecting and transmitting data (initially over TCP/IP)
  • Create a server capable of receiving and analyzing data (initially over TCP/IP)
  • Create a report system
  • Create a reaction/notification system (initially via email)
  • Create modules for the handling of scientific data
Long-term Goals:
  • Create modules for additional forms of communication between clients and servers
  • Alter client for the purpose of acting as a relay for other clients
  • Create modules for additional reaction/notification methods
  • Create modules for the handling of other types of data
  • Organize groups modules into packages for easier startup time